Heat map of crashes

Streetcar Track Crash Data Report

Living Streets Alliance is a strong supporter of Tucson’s Modern Streetcar.  We feel it is a critical part of developing a truly walkable, bikeable, and human-scaled city center.  When these modes are combined, they have the potential to create a robust, world-class multi-modal transportation system — something that LSA advocates for each and every day … Continue reading

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Tucson’s First Parklet

A parklet is a great way to transform a little bit of asphalt into quality green public space. We’re working to create the first one here in Tucson!

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Streetcar Crash Reporting

Streetcar Track Crash Tracking

If you’ve had a crash involving the modern streetcar or its tracks while using your bicycle, please report it here!

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Streetcar Safety

Living Streets Alliance strongly supports the Tucson Modern Streetcar; we feel it provides an important transportation option in our densest urban areas that we hope will make it possible for more Tucsonans than ever to live car-free or car-light lifestyles, and will make possible more walkable, urban areas for all residents to enjoy. However, it’s … Continue reading

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Sun Tracker smart phone application

A web service to allow anyone to access real-time bus arrival information.

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Car-Lite Living Classes

A resource for becoming less car dependent in the Tucson region.

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Tucson on Two

Mapping to highlight routes ideal for alternative modes of transportation through Tucson’s urban core so that it’s easier to map out your errands without having to include a car.

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