Streetcar Crash Tracking

If you’re at this page, then you may have already had a bicycle crash related to the streetcar tracks. But if you’re looking for more information on how to interact safely with the Tucson Modern Streetcar when you’re on your bike or when you’re driving, please see our Streetcar Safety page.

Streetcar Crash Reporting

LSA is a big supporter of the Modern Streetcar. We believe the more transportation choices available in our region, the better. That said, having data to work with is critical to making the best improvements possible, and often bicycle crashes are not reported. We want to be able to offer constructive feedback for how the Streetcar can be improved in the future based on good information about where crashes are currently happening. Please use this form to let us know when you've had a streetcar track related crash!
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  • Are these new tracks or old tracks?

    If the crash you're reporting was from the trolley days (2011 and earlier) then be aware that there's not much to be done now. Most of those tracks have been pulled and are no longer an issue. You're welcome to tell us about the crash anyway though!

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    Pick up the red pin below and drag to the spot closest to where the crash occurred.