Tucson on Two

Driving is easy.  Our city is designed to provide you with the guidance you need to get around in a car relatively easily and quickly.  Walking, biking and mass transit can be a lot more challenging.  What’s the best route to take?  Is there a grocery store that’s close enough to walk to?  How long will it take?  Is there a bus stop nearby?  Where’s the best place to cross a busy street?  These are all questions that make using other modes of transportation seem like a lot of work.


Thankfully, other cities have created some really great maps to help you get around if you’re not in a car.  (See the example of one of Feet First’s walking maps to the right.)  Our “Tucson on Two” maps will highlight routes ideal for alternative modes of transportation through Tucson’s urban core.  They will show destinations, transit routes, walking, and low-stress bicycle facilities (in addition to regular bike facilities) so that it’s easier to map out your errands without having to use a car.