History, Vision & Goals

The mission of the Living Streets Alliance is to promote healthy communities by empowering people to transform our streets into vibrant places for walking, bicycling, socializing, and play.



Living Streets Alliance was founded in January 2011 by a group of Tucson area residents representing a diverse set of expertise and perspectives: public health, economic development, urban planning and landscape architecture, environmental preservation, education, transportation, public policy, etc.  These individuals came together around a shared concern about the negative effects of a regional transportation system focused solely on planning for one mode.  Rather, this group recognized the potential for streets and the transportation network to greatly improve the quality of life for everyone in the region.

Our Vision & Goals

Living Streets Alliance believes that streets are critical to building vibrant, healthy and sustainable communities.  Streets should be seams in the community – not barriers – providing every member of the community the opportunity to get safely where they need to go and also provide a quality common space to experience, explore and discover their city.  Our goals as an organization are:

  1. To increase and enhance walking, bicycling, and public transit in the greater Tucson region so that everyone has safe, viable and affordable transportation options.  We do this through outreach (events), education (programs), projects (working with others), and advocacy (support).
  2. To encourage and improve engagement and awareness of the community in government planning, policy development and implementation of a multi-modal transportation network.
  3. To make our region’s streets comfortable, convenient, safe and attractive for people of all ages and abilities, no matter what mode of transportation they use.
  4. To focus on educational outreach and demonstrations projects that illustrate the health, environmental, and economic benefits of alternative modes of transportation in the Tucson region.
  5. To build community partnerships and strong civic leadership to champion for all of these things.


LSA is a 501(c)(3) public charity organization.

You can view our annual IRS filings below:

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